Lady Windermere's Fan (2002)
Theatre Royal Haymarket, London
as Lord Darlington

Written by: Oscar Wilde
Directed by: Sir Peter Hall
Cast:  Joely Richardson (Lady Windermere), Vanessa Redgrave (Mrs Erlynne), Peter Gordon (Parker), Jack Davenport (Lord Darlington), Googie Withers (The Duchess of Berwick), Clare Swinburne (Lady Agatha Carlisle), David Yelland (Lord Windermere), Philippa Urquhart (Lady Stutfield), Frank Jarvis (Sir James Royston), Tina Jones (Lady Plymdale), Roger Hammond (Mr Dumby), Mary Duddy (Mrs Cowper-Cowper), Ross Brooks (Mr Guy Berkeley/Gentleman's Gentleman), Pamela Gibson (Lady Jedburgh), Amanda Shillabeer (Miss Graham/Rosalie), Richard Laing (Mr Hopper), Lord Augustus Lorton (John McCallum), Robert Hands (Mr Cecil Graham)

On the morning of his wife's twenty-first birthday, Lord Windermere gives her, as a token of his love, a beautiful present - a fan. However, she is to find out that her love is not as secure as she once believed. Who is the strange Mrs Erlynne and what is her husband's involvement with her? Within the structured confines of London 'society', Oscar Wilde creates a witty cartoon of morality and double standards. In twenty-four hours the happiness of Lard and Lady Windermere teeters on the precipice of scandal and disaster. Coloured with rakish young fops, innocent daughters, scheming mothers and bumbling gentlemen, lady Windermere's Fan is Oscar Wilde's classic comedy of manners, hidden identities and mistaken understandings.


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