Talos The Mummy (1998)
as Detective Batone

Directed by: Russell Mulcahy
Cast: Jason Scott Lee (Riley), Louise Lombard (Samantha Turkel), Sean Pertwee (Bradley Cortese), Lysette Anthony (Dr. Claire Mulrooney), Michael Lerner (Professor Marcus), Jack Davenport (Detective Bartone), Honor Blackman (Captain Shea), Christopher Lee (Sir Richard Turkel), Shelley Duvall (Edith Butros), Gerard Butler (Burke)

In 1999 an expedition from the British Museum succeeds in uncovering the tomb and the mummy of the Ancient Egyptian black sorcerer Talos. But back in England the mummy vanishes from the museum. Soon people all over London are being killed and their organs removed. One of the archaeologists, a crazed psychic, tries to convince the others and investigating police that Talos is going to be revived at the point of the planetary alignment in three days time.