Catherine Cookson's The Moth (1997)
as Robert Bradley

Directed by: Roy Battersby
Cast: Juliet Aubrey (Sarah Thorman), David Bradley (Dave Waters), Jeremy Clyde (Reginald Thorman), Janet Dale (Alice Bradley), Judi Earl (Mary Taggart), Sally Grey (Carrie Bradley), David Howey (John Bradley), Justine Waddell (Millie Thorman)

After the death of his father, young Robert Bradley finds a new home with his uncle John and his wife Alice, and he starts working at his uncle's carpentry shop. Late one night he meets a young girl, Millie Thorman, who is called "The Moth" by the locals. They become friends, but then Robert's cousin Carrie becomes pregnant. Robert is the suspected father, though he denies it. Carrie, who is in love with Robert, doesn't admit who the father is, because she hopes Robert will marry her. But, shockingly for the townsfolks, he refuses and leaves his home to work on the estate of Millie Thorman's family. A mutual attraction develops between Robert and Millie's older sister Sarah, but unfortunately, class differences, the opposition of both families and Robert's bad reputation are great obstacles for their love.


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