Macbeth (1998)
as Malcolm

Directed by: Michael Bogdanov
Cast: Sean Pertwee (Macbeth), Greta Scacchi (Lady Macbeth), Lorren Bent (Witch 2), Denise Black (Witch), Richard Coyle (Loon), Lorcan Cranitch (Macduff), Jack Davenport (Malcolm), Ruth Gemmell (Lady Macduff), Jane Gurnett (Gentlewoman), Lesley Joseph (Witch), Dorian Lough (Seyton), Philip Madoc (Duncan), Michael Maloney (Banquo), Shane Richie (Porter), Peter Theiss (First Murderer), Dorian Thomas (Ross), Steve Toussaint (Lennox)

Presenting a vibrant and exciting production of "that Scottish play" offering newcomers and Shakespeare lovers a memorable experience with one of Shakespeare's darkest tragedies. Using Shakespeare's classic text, the production is set in a timeless zone somewhere in the twentieth century against a raw, urban industrial environment giving the film a surreal quality