This Life +10 (2007)
as Miles Stewart

Directed by: Joe Ahearne
Cast: Jack Davenport (Miles Stewart), Amita Dhiri (Milly Nassim), Jason Hughes (Warren Jones), Andrew Lincoln (Edgar 'Egg' Cook), Daniela Nardini (Anna Forbes), Jodie Whittaker (Clare) Linh-Dan Pham (Me-Linh)

Ten years ago, when we left them at Miles' and Francesca's wedding, it was chaos as usual for the friends and lovers. Egg sobbed off into the night after discovering that Milly was sleeping with her boss; Milly laid out superbitch Rachel with a superb right hook; Ferdy was romping with a ginger plumber in a kilt and Warren reappeared from his travels with the legendary toast: "Outstanding"...

A decade on, so much seems to have changed: Egg - a best-selling writer - and Milly have a three-year old son; Miles has made a million in boutique hotels; Warren has a life-coaching business and Anna is a successful lawyer. Yet; when they are given an opportunity to get together again, old tensions are never far from the surface and new rivalries and pressures soon take their toll.