A Higher Agency (2005)
as John Samson

Directed by: Oliver Cheetham
Cast: Richard Bremmer (Mr. Sykes), Clemency Burton-Hill (Anna), Allan Corduner (Manager), Steven Kynman (Line Cook), Roy Marsden (Mr. Oliver ), Nicholas Rowe (Co-Manager), Antony Sher (Chef)

What do "La Dolce Carne" - an average high street Italian restaurant - and a respectable London literary agency have in common? The answer is John Samson - unsuccessful screenwriter, fantasist and lately, dishwasher.

Unsuccessful, that is, until now. When literary agents Messrs Sykes and Oliver receive John's latest unsolicited script, they realise they possess a diamond in the rough. With a quick rewrite there could be big bucks in it for all. Naturally John is thrilled. He has only to quit his dishwashing job and focus on the second draft.

Unfortunately, John is quite simply the best dishwasher they have ever had at "La Dolce Carne" - and they are not about to let him leave...


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