Hungry Hamsters (April or September 2009)
as Tatler

Cast: Tatler, the secret agent without an agency (voiced by Jack Davenport), Rostofsky, the brainless beefcake who only "acts under orders", Tiffany (voiced by Kelly Broks), the catwalk babe who freaks at the sight of a broken fingernail, Dali (voiced by Harry Hill), the supposed intellectual who couldn’t read an exam paper., Bigfoot, whose stomach has a higher IQ than his brain.

Led by the ‘king of blunder’ – Maclean (voiced by Brian Blessed) - and his soul mate Maggie (voiced by Pam Ferris), the HH are a disaster zone heading towards a disaster zone – but you won’t find a more comical set-up anywhere else!!!.

The Hungry Hamsters  save animals in distress. No matter where they happen to be in the world, what size they are or how big their teeth happen to be, these crazy Hamsters step forward where everybody else is sensible enough to stay at home. Trouble is, they make such an appalling mess of things, it is the HH themselves that usually need rescuing.

And nobody ever heard of Hungry Hamsters again... the last bit of news was the announcement that Alice Cooper would voice Psalmanazar, the main villain of the series. 26 episodes of the show "which aims to take the multimedia stage by storm" were announced in 2006, but for over a year, there's been no storm. Not even a mild breeze. No news. Not a word. Nada. Zap. Zilcheroni. A shame, really, because concept and trailer looked very promising.

Should the "Hungry Hamsters" project really have been axed, we'll at least have the comfort of knowing that thousands of hamsters all over Britain will be spared the sad fate of ending up as living merchandise under the Christmas tree.

Edited to add: The Hamsters are still go! The show is now tentatively scheduled for either an April or September 2009 release (see last link below). Still doesn't mean you should buy hamsters, though. ;-)

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