When jack-davenport.net went the way of the dodo in early 2008, we found ourselves confronted with the lamentable fact that there was no website about Jack Davenport anymore. That by itself wouldn't have been the end of the world; Neil Arnott doesn't have a website either, and he invented the waterbed and the smokeless fireplace.

However, it's human nature to be lazy, and it's handy to have information collected in one place, be it about history, philosophy, smokeless fireplaces or Jack Davenport. With
jack-davenport.net gone, screen caps, interviews and news were scattered all over the internet. It would take months to track only half of it down, and we don't have the time or the dedication for that. Should you have anything collecting dust on your harddisk that you'd like to contribute, you're very welcome. Thanks a bunch to everybody who supported this project, especially Elessil, Lulubellnyc, Craig, Rosa and all the generous fans out there. Special thanks to Amerally who took over the task of updating our news blog. Woof!

What we try to do with this website: providing those who already know him and people who only just stumbled over his name with some basic information about Jack Davenport. And with some nice pictures of him to ogle. We'll try to keep you up-to-date with his work, but there's no way we could ever cover every obscure TV movie Jack Davenport has ever made or provide you with a gazillion of screen caps. We'll start with his latest projects, trying to collect material about his earlier work along the way.

So you see, this is not the website to end all websites.
It's not even a shadow of
But hey - at least it's online.