Fierce Creatures (1997)
as Student Zoo Keeper

Directed by: Fred Schepisi, Robert Young
Cast: John Cleese (Rollo Lee), Jamie Lee Curtis (Willa Weston), Kevin Kline (Vince McCain / Rod McCain), Robert Lindsay (Sydney Lotterby), Michael Palin (Adrian 'Bugsy' Malone), Ronnie Corbett (Reggie Sea Lions), Carey Lowell (Cub Felines), Bille Brown (Neville), Derek Griffiths (Garry Ungulates), Cynthia Cleese (Pip Small Mammals), Richard Ridings (Hugh Primates), Maria Aitken (Di Harding), Michael Percival (Ant Keeper), Fred Evans (Flamingo Keeper), Lisa Hogan (Sea lion Keeper)

Marwood Zoo has just been acquired by a ruthless media mogul who will accept nothing less than a 20% return on any investment, or he will close it down. To meet the new owner's mandate, the zoo's new director, Rollo Lee, has come up with a sure-fire marketing scheme to boost attendance: From now on, Marwood will stock only "fierce creatures" - animals billed as violent, man-eating predators because violent entertainment is what people want.

Horrified at the prospect of destroying all the soft cuddly animals at the zoo, the keepers revolt - and the fun begins.

Jack Davenport in front of the camera for the first time. And in such a delightful outfit...