The Bunker (2001)
as Lt. Cpl. Ebert

Directed by: Rob Green
Cast: Jason Flemyng (Cpl. Baumann), Andrew Tiernan (LCpl. Schenke), Simon Kunz (Lt. Krupp), Andrew Lee Potts (Pvt. Neumann), John Carlisle (Pvt. Mirus), Eddie Marsan (Pfc. Kreuzmann), Jack Davenport (LCpl. Ebert)

It is 1944.  A platoon of German soldiers, battle-weary and torn by tension and dissent, take refuge from advancing allied forces, within the confines of an underground bunker system. As night closes in, a series of increasingly bizarre and horrifying events begin, leading ultimately to a deadly cat-and-mouse game of psychological warfare in a maze of tunnels. Are the soldiers being stalked by enemy soldiers, or have the demons from their past finally caught up with them...